Nimbb is used in all kind of projects

Here is a list of case studies showing how the Nimbb API is used in some projects.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games movie used Nimbb for a video contest.


Nissan used Nimbb in the contest Nissan: Drive Your Team to celebrate the 100th Grey Cup.

Yahoo TV

Sunrise Yahoo TV uses Nimbb to let their TV viewers record a video sharing an opinion.

Selena Gomez

Walmart used the Nimbb webcam video recording API to promote the collection "Dream Out Loud" by Selena Gomez.


Ford used the webcam video recorder Nimbb in the Built Ford Tough Play of the Day contest.

Universal Music France

Universal Music France used the technology Nimbb to select candidates for the Mission Festival.

Les Misérables

Nimbb was used to celebrate the release of the Les Misérables movie on Blu-ray and DVD.


LG integrated the webcam video recorder Nimbb in the contest "How to Fabshare".

The Addams Family

The Addams Family Broadway Production embedded the video recorder Nimbb to promote The Addams Family musical tour.

Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion Energi used the Nimbb API in the contest Your Story, Your Trip, Your Show.


Telethon embedded the webcam video recorder Nimbb in the campaign AFM-Telethon: innover pour guérir toured in France.

Willie Nelson

Production of Willie Nelson used Nimbb to celebrate Willie Nelson's 80th birthday.


Procter & Gamble used Nimbb to promote Vicks products during the Olympic Games in the contest "Let Your Voice Be Heard".


Robbie Williams Production used the Nimbb webcam video recorder for fans to sing a duet with Robbie.


ASDA used Nimbb to let their users record gift video messages.


Nivea, a global brand of skin and body care, used Nimbb in the contest "Say Hello to the World".

Grant's Whisky

Grant's Whisky embedded the video recorder Nimbb in the contest "Revive Tu Historia".

Eristoff Vodka

Bacardi-Martini used the webcam video recording technology Nimbb to promote Eristoff Vodka.

Energy Drink Shark

Energy Drink Shark used Nimbb on a Facebook app contest.


ASICS used Nimbb in the Support Your Marathoner's project to let users send best wishes to their favorite marathoners.

The Pirates

SpongeBob SquarePants in conjuction with The Pirates! movie used Nimbb in a Facebook application.

Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! used Nimbb for a contest to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Mamma Mia Sing-Along!


Avios integrated the Nimbb API in the contest "The Big Reward".

The Great Dino Roar

Walking with Dinosaurs integrated the Nimbb webcam video recorder to create the largest ever "roar".

Max Adventures

Max Adventures used Nimbb to collect videos of kids singing.

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders needed to integrate video recording into a website for its Kiss Malaria Goodbye campaign.

The Next Star

TV show "The Next Star" used Nimbb for an online virtual video contest.


A popular Dutch rock band used Nimbb to advertise the new song "Charlene".

Soul of the Nation

Soul of the Nation used Nimbb to create the world's largest digital sing along.

La Minute

Solidarités International used Nimbb to created the largest ever minute of silence.


SkiStar embedded the webcam video recorder Nimbb in their recruiting process.

Charlott' lingerie

Charlott' lingerie used Nimbb for video testimonials during a campaign on Women's Day.

MindCheck used Nimbb to let visitors support a cause sponsored by the Vancouver Canucks hockey team.


Talenthouse uses Nimbb to let its online artistic community share their passions.


DirectBuy used Nimbb to get testimonials from their members in a video contest.

de Bibliotheek

de Bibliotheek used the webcam video recording API Nimbb in the contest "Valentine Declaration of Love."

Encompass 360 Digital Dance

Encompass used Nimbb to gather videos from participants dancing and showing their talents through their webcam.


Jeepnee used Nimbb for job interview.

Rap for a Cause used Nimbb to create a karaoke contest to let visitors support a cause.


Mukuru is using the Nimbb API in their site for identification purpose. uses the Nimbb API to gather videos of single candidates.

Nimbb Gadget for Xobni

Creation of the Nimbb Gadget that allows video emails into Outlook.

29 of Fame

Demonstration site that uses many features of the Nimbb API.

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