Charlott' lingerie

Charlott' lingerie used Nimbb for video testimonials during a campaign on Women's Day.

Charlott' is a French retailer of lingerie. The Charlott' lingerie company has used Nimbb in the campaign Day of Success by Charlott'. The goal of this campaign was to offer all women, on the occasion of the Women's Day, the opportunity of sharing their own experience.

To participate in this campaign, all candidates had to record a video testimonial using their webcam. The video testimony could be about a professional success, sports, associations, and/or personal event.

For the selected candidate, the grand prize was a package that included seven nights with breakfast at Riad Charlott' in Marrakech and 1,300 €. The campaign was succesfull and many women recorded their video testimonial.


Charlott' is a French retailer of lingerie.

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