Eristoff Vodka

Bacardi-Martini used the webcam video recording technology Nimbb to promote Eristoff Vodka.

Eristoff, the vodka brand from Bacardi-Martini, integrated the Nimbb Player in a Facebook application for the campaign: "Join the Pack." In order to participate in this contest, fans recorded a video of themselves howling like a wolf directly on the Facebook page of Eristoff. Afterwards, videos were available on the page for people to vote for the best.

Selection was based on the best howl. The top 50 finalists were invited to howl live via webcam to a pack of real wolves living in the Wolf Conservation Trust, the United Kingdom's greatest wolf sanctuary. The winner was selected based on the response of a real howl back from the wolves. The selected fan became an official Eristoff Night Wolf and won four VIP tickets to the I Love Techno event.


Eristoff is the vodka brand from Bacardi-Martini.

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