29 of Fame

The Nimbb API was used to build a demonstration site called 29 of Fame that uses many features of the API that can be used in other projects.


We, at D2Soft Technologies, wanted to build an example site that could show many of the features of the Nimbb API.


The development time allowed was only a week. The example site needed to include video recording, video playback, thumbnails and a voting system.


Using the Nimbb API, we were able to build a fully working site that could allow users to record a video for an audition, then let other users vote for them in a duel and be selected in the top rising stars.


Key features provided by the Nimbb technology include webcam recording, multiple video playbacks on the same page and video thumbnail generation. Using the API, we were able to complete the site in a few days.


29 of Fame is a demonstration site built using the Nimbb API.

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