MindCheck.ca used Nimbb to let visitors support a cause sponsored by the Vancouver Canucks hockey team.

MindCheck, an online resource to help people better understand their moods and feelings, needed to integrate video recording into a website for its InOneVoice campaign. The campaign was sponsored by the Vancouver Canucks hockey team as a way to pay tribute to the player Rick Rypien by helping people to better deal with their feelings.

The company in charge of the development of this project was Grey Vancouver. They contacted Nimbb and discussed the integration of webcam recording into their project. Nimbb was the perfect tool for the “In One Voice” campaign because of the great features and functionalities that Nimbb offers.

The main purpose of this campaign is to assist young people to identify and understand emotional distress they may be experiencing and to link them to sources of help that will provide strategies of how to manage their emotional issues.

This campaign counted with the participation of the hockey player Kevin Bieksa, who took action by sharing the story of his friend, Rick Rypien. Once Bieksa challenged others to add their voices, visitors recorded videos as a pledge to show support for people who suffer of emotional distress. During the “In One Voice” campaign 223 videos pledged were uploaded, over 58,000 people visited the site, and 28,000 self-assessments were completed. Videos were shared on Facebook and Twitter, and every participant contributed for the success of this campaign.


MindCheck.ca is a project created as part of a broader health literacy initiative implemented by the Early Intervention Project within Child, Youth and Young Adult Mental Health and Substance Use Services, Fraser Health, British Columbia, Canada. The purpose is to assist young people to understand emotional distress they may be experiencing. Grey Vancouver is an integrated communications and advertising company located in Canada.

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