La Minute

Solidarités International used Nimbb to created the largest ever minute of silence.

Solidarites International is a humanitarian organisation that has provided water, food, and shelter to approximately 3.5 million people who were victims of war and/or natural disaster. Reputation Squad, the company responsible for the web development, used Nimbb which is a turn-key all-inclusive service in the cloud. By using Nimbb, they could easily add a webcam video recorder into the website, so people would record 1 minute of silence.

Reputation Squad was contacted by Solidarites International Organisation to develop the "La Minute" campaign, whose purpose is to encourage people to sign the petition for access to drinkable water for everyone. The petition including everyone's signatures will be passed to the highest authorities in Marseille. All of the videos will be combined to make the world's largest ever minute of silence.

With the Nimbb technology being used in the project, Reputation Squad and Solidarites International could devote their time in attracting the media's attention which helped to increase the public awareness about this project.

Nimbb has been of great importance in this project as it offers the most extensive webcam recording service on the Internet and can also be easily integrated in any project. The Nimbb team has been assisting the project by offering support to the developers and by continuously monitoring the system.

According to Kevin Granger, Project Manager at Reputation Squad, "For our project, which had a short development time, Nimbb offered an attractive price as an all-inclusive service and allowed rapid integration into our site. The support team at Nimbb provided excellent technical support throughout our integration of the API and quickly answered all our questions."

The "La Minute" campaign has been very successful by acquiring over 100,000 signatures and having hundreds of thousands of participants. The recorded videos have been shared over Facebook and Twitter, and the campaign has received support from the media.


Solidarités International is an international humanitarian aid organization that provides aid to the victims of armed conflicts and natural disasters. Reputation Squad was created to help businesses and individuals in the new era of the Social Web.

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