The Next Star

TV show The Next Star used Nimbb for an online virtual video contest.

Pixelpusher located in downtown of Toronto, Canada, is a full service web agency that has a great insight in developing social applications. They were called to work in the project The Next Star, a Canadian reality show on YTV, in which teens under 15 years of age compete to be the most talented singer of Canada. The Next Star is very popular nationwide and inspires many kids to show their talents by auditioning and having the chance of becoming the next star.

Pixelpusher faced many challenges to create this project as they had to create a dynamic website that any kid could use easily. Also, they thought of integrating webcam video recording technology to facilitate and increase participation. That's when they found Nimbb. According to Eric Liphardt, Art Director of Pixelpusher: "We chose to use the Nimbb recorder and player for our client's online Virtual Next Star contest. The contest allowed thousands of young fans of the Next Star TV show to record online auditions and rate each other's performances. Nimbb's API was easy to use and their system managed the heavy load of our users without issues. The Nimbb team was very helpful and assisted us promptly when we had any questions." By using Nimbb, the number of participants in The Next Star show increased surprisingly.


YTV is a Canadian English-language channel aimed at youth, available nationwide through cable and satellite television. The channel was launched in 1988 and its headquarters are in Toronto. Pixelpusher is a full service web agency located in Toronto, Canada.

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