Rap for a Cause

FindaProperty.com used Nimbb to create a karaoke contest to let visitors support a cause.

The project Rap Competition is about "Winning for a Cause" and be in the running to win £10,000 for a charity. Participants need to record a rap given in the website with the backing track and lyrics, then choose a charity, and finally share their videos on Facebook and Twitter in order to get votes. The rap with the most votes wins the £10,000, plus five runners’ up receive a Kindle. What is amazing and unique about this project is that many people participate in the contest for a great cause.

For the project Rap Competition to work, A&N Media, the company in charge for the development of this project, had to build an application including webcam video recording technology in the website for participants to record the rap with lyrics and backing track. However, for all these requirements to be executed, it would require a lot of time to create a custom solution.

Finding out about Nimbb saved a lot of work to A&N Media and helped their team to focus 100 percent on this project as Nimbb is a turn-key all inclusive service in the cloud and offers everything about webcam recording technology. Although the integration of the Nimbb technology into the Rap For a Cause project was easy and fast, several tests were done to make sure that Nimbb would work properly during the whole process of this project.

The Nimbb team has always been helpful and quick in replying the emails and finding solutions in the process of development. According to Gareth Cole, Digital Production Manager at A&N Media, "While I'm sure there are other video recording services out there, I found Nimbb to be the best in terms of features – particularly the Javascript hooks, which were absolutely vital to customize Nimbb as we aimed for – and achieved. I was particularly impressed with the support – which I called on many times and got an immediate and very useful response from every time. Some of our requests were not straight forward but were dealt with superbly – we had features added to the code base, custom versions created to help our debugging, and generally an enthusiasm for getting the application we were developed up and running as quickly as possible. Really very happy with everyone I dealt with at Nimbb."


FindaProperty.com is a leading property website with a comprehensive search facility for people looking for property to buy or rent. FindaProperty.com is part of the Digital Property Group, a division of A&N Media. A&N Media is a leading multi-channel media company based in United Kingdom.

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