Soul of the Nation

Soul of the Nation used Nimbb to create the world's largest digital sing along. Thousands of participants recorded and share their videos on Facebook.

We at Nimbb, love to see how our customers use our API and technology in their projects. They use our webcam recording service to let their visitors record testimonials, job interviews, video profiles and a lot more. Always, there is great creativity behind each project.

Sometimes, a project will go beyond that, by supporting a cause that can help bring together a nation. Today, such a project reached its goal with "Soul of a Nation". This project was produced in Jakarta, Indonesia.

They used Nimbb on their site to let their visitors record themselves singing along the beautiful patriotic hymn Padamu Negeri and bringing support to the Soul of the Nation. The organizers created the first ever digital sing along. Indonesia's latest rising star, Raisa, led some thousands participants from all around the country in a live show.

Watch the video below (participants sing at 3:21):

We would like to congratulate the organizers of this project and all participants in Indonesia! We are very happy that Nimbb was part of this great project.


A festival dedicated to the rhymes, beats and tunes of soul, hip hop, R&B and rap, Jakarta International Java Soulnation Festival (SOULNATION, for short) combines a range of fun attractions and activities and presents an array of talents, from both Indonesia and abroad.

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