Universal Music France

Universal Music France used the technology Nimbb to select candidates for the Mission Festival.

Universal Music France and la Société Générale organized the "Job So Music" in which gives the opportunity for young music fans to assume the 3rd edition of the Mission Festival. Candidates will organize the tour of two artists through France to the final goal: the Rock en Seine Festival.

To get started, candidates must apply to the job by login on Facebook account and send an application as video. Several candidates will be selected to come to Paris where a jury will select eight candidates.

The organizers are looking for people who are motivated, resourceful, passionate about music and want to live an apprentice manager experience. Two teams selected will organize tours of both Universal artists, finding a place to play, manage technical and of course attract the public. Through Facebook, people can vote on the best candidate.


Universal Music France is part of Universal Music Group, the world leader in music publishing.

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