Nimbb Gadget for Xobni

In partnership with the Xobni toolbar, we created the Nimbb Gadget that allows video emails into Outlook. This demonstrates that the Nimbb API can be used in any product.


We, at D2Soft Technologies, always thought that video emails would be a very interesting tool to speed up communication and make it more personal. We thought of a side project that would integrate the Nimbb technology into an email software. We decided to write a widget for the Xobni toolbar that would allow video emails into Outlook.


The time allowed for the project was very short and the development process needed to be easy.


We used the Nimbb API into Xobni for Outlook to allow video emails. By embedding the Nimbb Player directly into a Xobni gadget, the development time was reduced to only a few hours. The result is a very powerful video email tool for Outlook.


By using the Nimbb technology into the Nimbb Gadget for Xobni, Outlook users can quickly record short videos and send them by email to their friends.


Xobni is a San Francisco-based startup, created in 2006. They offer a unique and intelligent way to manage and search contacts and email through Outlook and on the BlackBerry - because they believe that people spend too much time searching unsuccessfully for conversations, attachments, and other important information in their inboxes. Nimbb Gadget lets you add webcam video recording to your Outlook messages. By using the Nimbb Gadget in Xobni, you can record a 30-second video using a simple three-button interface. When receiving a message, you can see the embedded Nimbb videos within the Outlook message window. Nimbb Gadget in Xobni is the easiest way to send videos by email.

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