A complete guide for programmers

You want to integrate videos in your Web project with ease? Then you are in the right place! By integrating our Nimbb Player on your site or Flash application, you can record and watch videos. Take note that if you are not a programmer, we recommend using our wizard or finding a developer.

To get started, explore our series of tutorials that describe several features of our player. A good knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is recommended. Each tutorial contains an example and the code to achieve it.

Then, it is important to note your unique public key of developer. This key allows you to activate the programming functionalities of the Nimbb Player. If you do not specify your key, your code may not work. If you do not have an account, you must sign up.

Need help writing the code for your site? Then use our wizards!

Use the Wizard or the Code generator

For the detailed list of the programming functions of our Nimbb Player, you can access these various help pages.

Documentation on the parameters, the events and the methods.

For more advanced programming to answer your most complex project, you can use our Web Service and Callback.

Documentation on the Web Service and Callback.

Once you are ready to put the Nimbb Player on your production site, you need to add your site URL to your developer's settings. This will fully activate the player from your site.

The final step is to subscribe to our service.

Now that you're all set, what can you do? Let your imagination go! For example, you might create a video form to allows your visitors to contact you. Or, why not create a forum site where the questions would be asked by video?

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Check out our Developer guide to get started with Nimbb.