In addition to our Nimbb Player, the API also contains a Web Service. The Web Service allows you to get additional functionalities without going through the Nimbb Player. Using a function is as easy as calling an URL and parsing the returned XML data. Most of the time you will use the Web Service from server-side code.

Important: To use the Web Service, you must have an active paying subscription (Bronze or higher).

At each function call, you must provide your developer's public key and your private key (except for the Account/Get function and the Live functions). This is essential to authenticate your request. Without this information, your query will be rejected.

All functions of the Web Service are intended to be used with server-side code (except for Live functions). If you call the functions from client HTML code, you would be exposing your private key, which is a security breach to your account. Make sure that your visitors can't see your private key by looking at your site's HTML code.

SSL access: All functions can be called using secure HTTPS calls like "". To use SSL, you must have a Platinum or higher subscription.


Here is the list of Web Service functions you can call.

Account/Get Obtain information on an account.
Audit/Video Audit video information from your account.
Video/Delete Delete a video.
Video/Download Download locally a video file in FLV/MPG/MP4/MP3 formats.
Video/Get Obtain information on a video.
Video/List Get list of active videos linked to your account.
Video/Move Move the video file to your Amazon S3/Brightcove account. (Silver or higher subscription required)
Video/Thumbnail Get the thumbnail image of a video in JPEG format to save it locally.


  • Each function call may return error codes. See the description page of Errors to manage them;
  • All dates returned by the Web Service are in UTC format (Universal Time Coordinated);
  • You can optionally specify a language parameter "l" to get error messages in the appropriate language (examples: l=en, l=fr).

Live Functions

Here is the list of Live functions you can call directly inside your HTML code. These only requires your public developer key and will only work in sites you have specified in your settings.

Live/Download Allow users to download a video file directly from your site using an HTML link. (Gold or higher subscription required)
Live/Play Start playback of a video on a mobile device (iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android). (Silver or higher subscription required)
Live/Thumbnail Get the thumbnail image of a video using an <IMG> tag. (Silver or higher subscription required)
Live/Upload Allow users to select a video file on their computers or mobile devices and upload it to your Nimbb account directly from your site using an HTML form. (Gold or higher subscription required)
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