Record videos on mobile apps using the Nimbb Library for Android

Would you like to be able to easily record videos from your own mobile app on Android? By using our Nimbb Library for Android, you can add video recording in your Java project with very little code. Simply add our NimbbLibrary JAR file to your project under the libs folder and follow the documentation available in our GitHub repository.

The library requires you to specify your developer key.
A Silver or higher subscription is required.

Documentation and source code

We have create a repository on GitHub that contains the documentation and source code to get you started. Simply visit the NimbbLibrary-Android repository.


If you want to just go ahead and test our library, you can try our Example project that is included in the repository. Also, remember:
  • Change the string value YOUR_DEV_KEY for your public developer key;
  • Go to your Developer Settings, add a new Android app and specify your bundle ID;

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