Record videos in Xcode projects using the Nimbb Library for iOS

If you are looking for an easy way to let your users record videos from iOS, then you can use our Nimbb mobile app. However, if you are an Objective-C programmer looking to add video recording into your Xcode project, then you need our Nimbb Library for iOS. Simply add our library to your project (either via CocoaPods or manually). We developed our Nimbb app based on the same library, so recording and playbacking videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod app will have the same quality.

The library requires you to specify your developer key.
A Silver or higher subscription is required.

Documentation and source code

We have create a repository on GitHub that contains the documentation and source code to get you started. Simply visit the NimbbLibrary-iOS repository.


The sample app running on an iOS device. Source code provided with the library.

If you want to just go ahead and test our library, you can try our Example project that is included in the repository. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the zip file, uncompress it and open the nimbbapidemo.xcodeproj file;
  2. Inside Xcode, explore the project (nimbbapidemo -> nimbbapidemo) and open file ViewController.m;
  3. Change the string value kPublicKey for your public developer key;
  4. Click on the nimbbapidemo project and go to the General section. Change the Bundle Identifier to fit for your development environment;
  5. Go to your Developer Settings, add a new iOS application and specify your bundle ID;
  6. Change your Build settings if needed;
  7. Make sure to plug a mobile device that is iOS 7. Note that it is possible to execute the example from an iOS Simulator, but you will not be able to record;
  8. Run the project on your device. Once the screen is loaded, click RECORD NIMBB VIDEO and the camera will be displayed. Record your video and accept. Your video will get uploaded to our server. Once the upload is finished, an URL will be displayed pointing to your video on our site. Click on the link to open a browser and watch the video.

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