Guide to integrate Nimbb with Brightcove

Brightcove publishers: add video recording to your site using Nimbb! Watch the following introduction video to see how it works.

Are you looking for a way to let your visitors record videos using their webcam and then upload those videos to your Brightcove account? Then look no further! By using the Nimbb technology, you can embed webcam video recording into your site. Then, once a visitor record a video using the Nimbb Player, our service can automatically upload the video to your Brightcove account. It has never been so easy to add video testimonials or video comments to your site!

Below, you can see all the steps required to make this happen (you can complete them in about 5 minutes). Note that no prior programming knowledge is required to make Nimbb work with your Brightcove account.


  1. Create a Nimbb account (use the Sign up page);
  2. Purchase a Corporate or higher subscription for your Nimbb account (use this page);
  3. Use the Wizard to embed Nimbb into your site.

You're done! It's now time that your visitors do some webcam recordings. If you need help with the process, contact us.

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