Bringing video recording to all websites around the world, simply.


Nimbb is a service developed by D2Soft Technologies Inc. We are located in Montreal, Canada. We first introduced Nimbb in early 2009 and we have been continually improving our service ever since.


Our mission: "Bring video recording to all websites around the world, simply."

Our goal is to make Nimbb the building block for video recording on the Internet. We want webmasters, designers and developers to easily integrate Nimbb into their web projects and use Nimbb the way they want so that their users can record videos painlessly. We think that the simplicity and ease-of-use in our product are its most important assets. Nimbb makes adding webcam video recording to a website as easy as adding an image into an HTML page.

We are dedicated to follow our mission every day and make sure that we have the highest level of quality in our product. We also think that delivering a great product and an amazing customer service are what is fulfilling our vision for the future.

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