Integrate video recording into your Web projects

Looking for an easy way to integrate video recording into your Web sites or Flash applications? Use our Nimbb API!

Use the Nimbb API to

  • Let your visitors record videos using their webcam or mobile devices;
  • Play the recorded videos in our light-weight Flash player or mobile apps;
  • Seemlessly integrate our Nimbb Player inside your Web site or Flash application and program it;
  • Use our streaming technology for instant playback and no loading time;
  • Make calls to our Web Service to download recorded videos locally or move them to the cloud;
  • Don't worry about hosting your videos, we take care of everything;
  • And a lot more! See our Pricing page for all features.

What the Nimbb API contains

  • Nimbb PlayerOur Flash player that you can integrate in your site using HTML/JavaScript code to record or playback videos;
  • Web ServiceAllows you to get additional functionalities from server-side code, like download video files or move them to Amazon S3;
  • CallbackBe notified when a video is saved by specifying a server-side URL;
  • Mobile solutionsUse Nimbb on iOS and Android using our app and Nimbb libraries.

How the video recording works

  • Insert the Nimbb Player in your site or Flash application to record a video;
  • Once the video is recorded, a 10 characters GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) is assigned to the video;
  • Retrieve the GUID and store it in your database;
  • Display the video with the Nimbb Player in viewing mode by providing the GUID;
  • A quick example? See this tutorial!

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