Nimbb is used in over 40 countries around the world

Here are some examples of our customers and partners using the Nimbb API in their Web projects. Also, read our case studies.


Disney is using Nimbb on its sites to get user generated video content in its web projects.


IBM is using the Nimbb API for its flexibility to add webcam recording into different projects.


Ford is using Nimbb in projects to promote its brand and vehicles.

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Universal Music France used the technology Nimbb to select candidates for the Mission Festival.

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Sunrise Yahoo TV uses Nimbb to let their TV viewers record a video sharing an opinion.

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Mattel is using Nimbb on a social network site for Barbie's fans.

McGraw-Hill Higher Education

McGraw-Hill Higher Education is licensing Nimbb in its education products. By integrating the Nimbb API, they have a solid workflow to add recording technology to their products.


Lionsgate used Nimbb to promote The Hunger Games movie in a video contest.

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LG integrated the webcam video recorder Nimbb in the contest "How to Fabshare".

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Eyes & Ears
"Nimbb was an invaluable solution to our need of capturing and storing video messages for a campaign. The API was well documented, the support team was responsive, and the technology, video quality, and audio consistency was far superior to the other services that we tested." Benjamin Miles Partner, Eyes & Ears

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Walmart used Nimbb to promote top brands in their contests.

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Procter & Gamble used Nimbb to promote Vicks products during the Olympic Games in the contest "Let Your Voice Be Heard".

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"We had a marketing project that required we collect video feedback and testimonials from our members – this project gave us very little time between it being announced and needing it to go live. Without Nimbb we could never have meet our projected release dates. Nimbb's service allowed us to easily capture testimonials from our members' webcams with a minimum of configuration and quick integration via the API. Thanks Nimbb." Rob Lynch Senior Developer, DirectBuy

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Nissan used Nimbb in the contest Nissan "Drive Your Team" to celebrate the 100th Grey Cup.

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Lenovo is using the Nimbb API in sites used for contests to promote new products and offers.

"The Nimbb technology is fantastic. With so many options to enable, the Nimbb player has the ability to adapt to a variety of Talenthouse's needs, which is amazing for how simple Nimbb is to tweak and adjust to our liking. Even if we see something missing, Nimbb's service is phenomenal. Nimbb's service has already made a few changes to the player specifically for us, all within a couple of business days from when we requested them. Almost instantaneous response times from Nimbb's service, coupled with an awesome product, Nimbb is nothing less than spectacular. I would definitely recommend Nimbb's service and technology to others, and will definitely use Nimbb again in the future. Rock on Nimbb." Neil Diaz Quality Assurance Engineer, Talenthouse

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BBC integrated the Nimbb API in a campaign of Walking with Dinosaurs as part of a Guinness World Records.

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Telethon embedded the webcam video recorder Nimbb in the campaign AFM-Telethon: innover pour guérir toured in France.

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ASICS used Nimbb in the Support Your Marathoner's project to let users send best wishes to their favorite marathoners.

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ASDA used Nimbb to let their users record gift video messages.

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"By utilizing the services provided by Nimbb we were able to succeed with a campaign – implemented and developed in less than three weeks. The available API was a perfect match for our needs. When approached, Nimbb was really helpful in extending the existing API to fit our needs – and we have throughout the process been satisfied in regards to the service provided by Nimbb." Morten Steensgaard Technical Director, Wunderman

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TicTac used Nimbb for a contest to promote a new product.


VICE used Nimbb on the site of a show to record user video submissions.

Rede Record

Rede Record is a Brazilian television network and is the second-most popular television network in Brazil. They are using Nimbb for different projects within the company.


Grant's Whisky embedded the video recorder Nimbb in the contest "Revive Tu Historia".

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Bacardi-Martini used the webcam video recording technology Nimbb to promote Eristoff Vodka.

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A&N Media
"While I'm sure there are other video recording services out there, I found Nimbb to be the best in terms of features – particularly the Javascript hooks, which were absolutely vital to customize Nimbb as we aimed for – and achieved. I was particularly impressed with the support – which I called on many times and got an immediate and very useful response from every time. Some of our requests were not straight forward but were dealt with superbly – we had features added to the code base, custom versions created to help our debugging, and generally an enthusiasm for getting the application we were developed up and running as quickly as possible. Really very happy with everyone I dealt with at Nimbb." Gareth Cole Digital Production Manager, A&N Media

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Nivea, a global brand of skin and body care, used Nimbb in the contest "Say Hello to the World".

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Reputation Squad
"For our project, which had a short development time, Nimbb offered an attractive price as an all-inclusive service and allowed rapid integration into our site. The support team at Nimbb provided excellent technical support throughout our integration of the API and quickly answered all our questions. I highly recommend Nimbb to other developers for any project that requires webcam recording!" Kevin Granger Project Manager, Reputation Squad

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Movement Strategy
"The Nimbb service was the only one of its kind that enabled us to quickly and easy capture and record webcam videos in real time. I will absolutely recommend Nimbb to anyone and if have upcoming projects that require webcam video recording technology, I will definitely use Nimbb again." Jason Mitchell Co-Owner, Movement Strategy

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"We used this service for a one-time event and it was perfect for what we needed! We will keep you in mind for future online events." Meghan Murphy Community Program Manager, Twilio
Max Adventures

Max Adventures, a TV show for kids, used Nimbb to collect videos of kids singing.

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"I enjoyed working with Nimbb. The team was very helpful and I will happily recommend Nimbb to anyone wanting to use their webcam video recording service. It was especially useful to us because it helped us get off the ground quickly. It has worked impeccably for us." Usha Kizhakekara CTO, Jeepnee

Read case study has partnered with Nimbb to provide a Video Blogging application into their creation and hosting platform. Webs is home to over 40 million sites and reaches over 30 million unique visitors around the world each month.

FGX Studios
"FGX Studios was approached to develop an online campaign for MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders South Africa) - an independent international humanitarian organisation - for the Kiss Malaria Goodbye campaign. FGX developed a microsite which implemented Nimbb Webcam technology with which site visitors could show their support for the cause of fighting Malaria in Africa by recording a real-time video clip of them blowing a kiss. With the excellent technical and client support we've enjoyed in using Nimbb, we will certainly consider use this technology in future campaigns." Mirisa Du Toit Social Media & Campaign Division Manager, FGX

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"We chose to use the Nimbb recorder and player for our client's online Virtual Next Star contest. The contest allowed thousands of young fans of the Next Star TV show to record online auditions and rate each other's performances. Nimbb's API was easy to use and their system managed the heavy load of our users without issues. The Nimbb staff were very helpful and assisted us promptly when we had any questions." Eric Liphardt Art Director, Pixelpusher

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Brightcove is one of the most popular professional video delivery platforms. Brightcove has partnered with Nimbb to offer integration of webcam video recording into their platform. In a few minutes, Brightcove’s publishers are able to add the Nimbb Player in their sites to easily create user generated content.

Situation Interactive

Situation Interactive is an entertainment marketing and interactive advertising agency serving an international entertainment client base of film, television, travel and live events through offices in New York City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. They have been using the Nimbb API to integrate video recording in their clients' websites:

Mamma Mia! – Sing-Along - Read case study
The Addams Family Musical - Read case study
The Great Dino Roar - Read case study
Cirque du Soleil


Grey integrated Nimbb into to let visitors support a cause sponsored by the Vancouver Canucks hockey team.

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Answers embedded Nimbb into their site of community for sharing questions and answers.

" is an international remittance portal. Log in from anywhere, send money in seconds. KYC, or Know Your Customer, is a vital part of our business - verifying identity and building trust with our clients. Nimbb has enabled us to get more comfortable with enabling first-time customers to send money in a hurry. It's been a great discovery for us." Rob Burrell Founder,

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Workbuster AB
"Perfect service as always." Peter Spetz Founder, Workbuster AB

ScribbleLive enables real-time journalism and audience engagement. They use Nimbb to let their users quickly record and share videos on their platform.

"Nimbb is a great service for anyone who wants a quick and easy way to implement video recording via webcam on their website. With a cool wizard for quick setup, a comprehensive docs and APIs for customization, and an awesome support team. I'll definitely recommend Nimbb to anyone looking for this kind of service." Rizky Syazuli Technical Director, XM-JWT
"We are very happy with the Nimbb service. We were able to deploy a webcam component to an existing client UGC website with speed and ease. The technology has been solid and the level of service from the Nimbb team has been outstanding. They were able to accommodate our every need, even down to billing." Artin Youssefian Digital Strategy Director, JWT
"I've been extremely satisfied with the way you handle your communication, error handling and QA." Nadine Park Project Manager, TWC

Xobni offers a unique and intelligent way to manage and search contacts and emails through Outlook, Gmail, Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. Xobni includes a Gadget Store and a Nimbb gadget can be downloaded to send video messages with Outlook very easily.

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SkiStar embedded the webcam video recorder Nimbb in their recruiting process.

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"We would like to look at more ways of using your service. We used it for a Dutch band to engage their fans and got a lot of compliments from labels and radio." Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt Executive Director, IMMF
One World Chorus
"I would highly recommend Nimbb to anyone looking to record content directly from their website or blog. It's simply the best option out there. I am most impressed with both the Nimbb platform and the team running the company. Thanks so much for this great product, your excellent customer service and social awareness." Aaron Nigel Smith Director, One World Chorus
People Per Hour
"The service by nimbb was excellent and we faced no issues whatsoever." Spyros Lambrinidis Head of Engineering, PeoplePerHour
Herd Comms
"After thoroughly researching the alternatives, we found Nimbb to be the most reliable and customisable web cam recording application. The application is smoothly embedded in our site, thanks to the developer documentation and great technical support!" Jeroen Nieboer Web Developer, Herd Comms
Grupo Abbsolute
"Excellent service!" Marina Baeza Online Marketing Assistant, Grupo Abbsolute
TAG Comunicação
"The service offered by Nimbb supplied our need to implement very quickly the video capture directly from a website, in addition to the API that allows several interesting options for management of recorded videos." Rafael Selmi Project Manager, TAG Comunicação
"Nimbb has been rock solid and easy to use. We were up and running in a few hours, and the proof of concept is what we put into production. The recording and playback are easy to implement, and the player is simple enough for anyone to understand." Rich Ratcliff Senior Vice President, Carbonview
de Bibliotheek

de Bibliotheek used the Nimbb webcam video recording API in a contest.

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Affective Interfaces
"Affective Interfaces uses extensible video collection of facial emotion from anywhere for scalable market research. We have high volume and a Nimbb integration with our backend. Their API and options were a fit, making Nimbb a clear choice from available video streaming services. Our requests for frame rate and resolution adjustments were quickly addressed, the customer care was excellent." Jai Haissman Founder,
"Integrating webcam support to our website seemed like quite a headache, until I found Nimbb. A working version was ready within a couple of days and customers started uploading auditions through their webcam within a week. The documentation was a breeze to follow, and in the two cases I had to ask a question, the reply came so quick I thought it was automated! Two thumbs up!" Yaniv Aknin Software Developer,

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