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If you need help with Nimbb, have a look at this page.

Q: Why should I choose Nimbb?

A: For a list of great reasons to use our service, see this page.

Q: I am not a programmer and I need help to integrate Nimbb. Can you help me?

A: You can send us your questions using our Contact form and our team will try to answer them. However, it can happen that you need help specific to your project that we cannot provide. In that case, we recommend that you look for a third-party developer.

Q: What are the requirements to use Nimbb?

A: To use Nimbb Player 1.x, you need to have Adobe Flash Player version 9.0.28 or later installed. Nimbb Player 2.x requires Flash 11.1.0 or later. We support all browsers where Flash runs. To know if we don't support a version, check the Known issues page. You also need a good Internet connection for streaming video.

Q: How long are the videos kept on the server?

A: All videos are kept 30 days, after which they are fully deleted (can't restore any).

Q: Is there a way that videos won't expire after 30 days?

A: Yes, you can Save a video. Also, you can subscribe to our service.

Q: If I record a video, will you display it somewhere on your site in a public timeline?

A: No. You need to share the unique URL of your video to your friends.

Q: So my video is really private.

A: Yes, unless someone guesses the GUID of the video (highly improbable).

Q: Why do I get a window "Camera and Microphone Access"?

A: When you want to record a video with Nimbb, you must allow access to the webcam to the Flash application. This is a Flash security and this window is mandatory.

Q: My screen is black when I try to record a video. Why?

A: Only one software can access your webcam at a time. Make sure you close any software that can be using your webcam, like Skype or Messenger. Also, make sure that you don't already have another Nimbb recorder open. Close all your open browsers and try again.

Q: I get the message 'Error, Problem connecting to server.' Why?

A: The Nimbb Player needs to communicate with our server to record or play videos. Make sure that the port TCP 1935 is open on your firewall. If you work in a company, contact your IT support to ask them to unblock port TCP 1935. Note that Nimbb also tries the fail-over port TCP 80. If unsuccesful, Nimbb tries to connect using HTTP tunneling on port TCP 80, which should work for everyone but might cause a slower connection to our servers.

Q: My company's network is using a firewall and the Nimbb Player doesn't use the proxy. Why?

A: By default, the Nimbb Player communicates to our servers using the RTMP protocol on port 1935. RTMP connections are made as socket connections by the Adobe Flash Player; the Flash Player does not use the browsers HTTP stack to make these connections. This means that even if you have defined the use of a proxy in your browser's settings, Flash will not use it. In fact, the Flash Player is not proxy aware by itself. You have two solutions:

  • To use the Nimbb Player at full speed, your company's firewall must allow direct connection to port 1935. Contact your IT support to ask them to unblock port 1935.
  • Switch communication of the Nimbb Player over the RTMPT protocol. This can be done by setting the parameter "port=80t" (see this tutorial). Flash will attempt communication using the browser's HTTP stack and the connections will be routed via the proxy. The disadvantage is that this can cause a lower streaming speed and affect video quality.

Q: How long is the free trial period for testing the Nimbb API on my site?

A: You have 7 days to test Nimbb on your site with the Basic subscription (free). However, if you reach 2000 displays of the player on your site, your trial period will also end. After the trial period, a subscription is required to continue using Nimbb on your site.

Q: Why do you offer only a 7-day trial? Why not give me X more days?

A: We have to select an appropriate test period for developers to try our service and we think that within 7 days, most developers can have a good idea of how Nimbb works. As each company and each project is different, we cannot offer extended development periods. Some developers just need a few days to integrate Nimbb, but others require a few months. This depends on the complexity of the project and the abilities of the programmers. For that reason, most developers simply subscribe to Bronze to get instant access to many features. If for some reason you cannot afford it, then you can create a new free account with a different email address.

Q: I record videos from my site using the Nimbb API. Can my videos be private so that they can be played only from my site?

A: Yes. You must enable private videos from your Developer settings.

Q: I use the Nimbb Player on my site with the API. What is the maximum number of concurrent users?

A: There is no limit to the number of concurrent connections. You can have many users at the same time, as each Nimbb Player uses a unique connection to the server.

Q: Why is there a time limit to recording a video?

A: We are limiting the recording time as a business decision, but also as a technical decision. As we want to keep our service fast and efficient for our customers, we have to make these decisions. What makes Nimbb so interesting is that it is quick and lightweight. Technically, offering longer recording time increases the chance of lower or even poor video quality, in part caused by streaming condition and connection speed. In addition, from the experience of our customers, shorter videos offer the best user-generated content value and most users give up watching a video after the first few minutes. In the end, we prefer to have a time limit and make sure our customers are happy with the overall video quality.

Q: I see the text "Developer demo mode" on my Nimbb Player. How can I remove it?

A: You see this message because you are in development mode. To remove it, you need to have an active Nimbb subscription. Also, you need to add your site URL to your settings (see this video tutorial).

Q: Is it possible to remove the text "" on the Flash security window?

A: No, because this information is displayed by the Adobe Flash Player.

Q: I would like to purchase a monthly subscription to Nimbb. Is there any contract?

A: No, you can cancel your Nimbb subscription at anytime.

Q: I would like to cancel my Nimbb subscription. How do I proceed?

A: Use this page to complete the unsubscription process.

Q: What happen to my account when I unsubscribe?

A: Once your subscription end date is reached, your account will automatically be back to a Basic account. In addition, your videos can then be deleted automatically and access to the API functions declined.

Q: How can I change the PayPal account used to pay my subscription?

A: To change the account used to pay your monthly subscription, you need to unsubscribe from Nimbb and then subscribe again with your other PayPal account.

Q: How can I change the payment method in PayPal for my subscription?

A: Follow these steps:

  • Login to your PayPal account;
  • Click Profile under My Account;
  • In the left menu, click My money;
  • In the page, you will see My preapproved payments. Click Update next to it;
  • In the preapproved payments page, you will see a list of merchant. You should see us (D2Soft Technologies);
  • You should be able to change the "payment method" from there. Also, you will be able to click on Set available funding sources. Make sure to select the appropriate credit card and bank account.

Q: What is the resolution of the videos?

A: All videos recorded by the Nimbb Player 1.x have a size of 320x240 pixels, even by changing the size of the player. The Nimbb Player 2.x allows recording in higher resolutions (see parameter 'format').

Q: What is the minimum recommended size for the Nimbb Player?

A: If you are using the Nimbb Player in View mode, the minimum recommended size is 160x120 pixels. If the player is in Record mode, the minimum recommend size is 216x138 pixels (reason: if you set it smaller, the privacy setting window allowing access to the webcam will not be displayed).

Q: What is the recommended connection speed?

A: To record smooth videos using Nimbb, you need an upload connection speed of at least 100kbps. Also, it is recommended that you connect to our server using port 1935 (see this tutorial to test connectivity). For video playback, the requirements are the same.

Q: My video is quite pixilated. Why?

A: Here are a few tips to improve the quality. Make sure to have good light, but not too much (don't put a light in your background). Don't move too much while recording. Make sure that your camera is stable.

Q: My recorded videos freeze sometimes. Why?

A: Video recording requires a mix of appropriate settings. If the image freezes during recording, this means that you can't push your video fast enough to our servers. Your Internet connection might be too slow. Make sure you don't move too much while recording. Also, keep a static background and don't move your webcam.

Q: I am programming the Nimbb Player with JavaScript code, but I feel like the player is freezing/blocking. Why?

A: As Nimbb's events are in JavaScript, and that JavaScript is synchronous and single-threaded language, it means that if you block the execution in any event, the Nimbb Player will also be blocked from continuing its execution. Make sure that you don't run long processes in Nimbb's events.

Q: What are the known issues with the Nimbb Player?

A: See this page.

Q: I downloaded a FLV file on my computer and I'm unable to read it. How can I watch the video?

A: If your computer runs Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7, then you can install the K-Lite Codec Pack Full. Make sure to do a custom installation and select only the required features you want. Once you install the FLV codec, you will be able to open the video.

Q: What are the video and audio encodings used by Nimbb?

A: Nimbb uses different encodings. For FLV files, we use Sorenson H.263 for video and the Nellymoser 8kHz mono for audio. For MPG file, we use MPEG-2 format (MP2 audio). For MP4, we use H.264/AAC encoding.

Q: I have a site on Can I embed the Nimbb Player on my site?

A: No. doesn't support adding Flash objects, so you can't embed Nimbb on your site (see their site here). The solution is to use your own WordPress hosting and use a plugin to embed Nimbb.

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