List of known problems with Nimbb

Issue:Nimbb Player and Flash crash in the browser
Details:When embedding the Nimbb Player in a site, it can happen that Flash crashes in the browser, causing an error message with an exception. There are two scenarios we noticed with such issue: 1) the computer has Flash installed incorrectly; 2) the developer embedding the Nimbb Player has written custom JavaScript code within the Nimbb's events and it's causing delays in the execution.
Solution 1:If the problem happens to a specific computer, try uninstalling Flash completely and resintalling it.
Solution 2:If the problem happens to many computers, then it is possible that a long-running JavaScript code in the page is causing Flash and the Nimbb Player to crash. A solution is to wrap your code inside a Nimbb event using the setTimeout function. For example, instead of:

function Nimbb_ playbackStopped(idPlayer)
  // Your code...

You could isolate like this:

function Nimbb_ playbackStopped(idPlayer)
  setTimeout("Stop()", 100);

function Stop()
  // Your code...

Issue:Video playback speed too fast [Fixed]
Target:Adobe Flash (Windows + Mac)
Details:There is an issue with Flash version where videos recorded using the Nimbb Player in 320x240 FLV format are playing back faster than normal. We have been able to reproduce this issue specifically using Flash Until Adobe releases a new update that will fix this issue, it is recommended that you install Flash on your computer (Windows or Mac). The Flash 18 beta version is also working properly, but you should install this version only if you feel confident installing beta software.
Solution 1:Here are the steps:
  1. Download the Flash Uninstaller and run it on your computer to remove the current Flash version.
  2. Download either the Flash or Flash 18 (beta) and install them.
  3. Close all browsers to complete the installation.
Solution 2:To fix the issue for new videos recorded with the Nimbb Player, make sure to set the parameter "audioquality" to a value lower than 5, like "4" or "3". Setting to "5" causes the issue.
Updated:2015-05-13 (problem fixed with Flash

Issue:Nimbb Player's events not working in IE11
Target:Internet Explorer 11
Details:There is an Adobe Flash issue with IE11 when embedding the Nimbb Player into your project that causes the events to not work properly. If you are using an event like Nimbb_initCompleted(idPlayer), the called idPlayer is not being passed by IE11.
Solution:The solution is to add the property id="nimbb" into the EMBED tag of your Nimbb code, like this:

<embed name="nimbb" id="nimbb" src="" width="320" height="240" allowScriptAccess="always" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">

Issue:Webcam not displayed in a Google Chrome Extension
Target:Chrome Extension
Details:When embedding the Nimbb Player for recording videos into a Chrome Extension and clicking "Allow", the camera does not display anything (image is black). This is caused by a bug in the Pepper Flash version that is bundled into the Google Chrome browser.
Solution:For the camera to work properly into a Chrome Extension, the Pepper Flash version must be disabled and instead the Flash Player released from Adobe must be used. See page Enable system Flash Player in Google Chrome to learn how to disable Pepper Flash.

Issue:Audio and video are out of sync [Fixed]
Details:If you have a audio/video synchronization problem, it is probably due to a software or hardware issue. This issue mainly happens when using the High-Quality with the Nimbb Player 2.
Solution 1:Try using the Nimbb Player 1 and see if you have the issue.
Solution 2:Finding the exact cause can be quite difficult. We recommend trying the following things:
  • record on another computer and see if the issue is the same;
  • uninstall Flash and reinstall the latest version (follow instructions);
  • disable the hardware acceleration of Flash (in Flash settings);
  • disable the protected mode of Flash (follow those steps);
  • update your video card and webcam drivers;
  • submit the problem to Adobe (follow instructions).
Solution 3:Starting with Nimbb Player 2.20, we have changed the audio codec to SPEEX to reduce the audio-video sync problem.
Solution 4:Use a recording format in FLV instead of MP4. See the format parameter.
Updated:2014-08-27 (problem fixed)
2015-05-20 (added Solution 4)

Issue:Google Chrome does not display multiple Flash applications [Fixed]
Target:Chrome 27.0.1453.94 (all platforms)
Details:Chrome does not load multiple Flash applications in the same HTML page. This causes a bug when trying to load more than one Nimbb Player on a page. More about this bug can be read in this thread.
Solution:Until Google resolves this bug, there is a workaround by adding some JavaScript code in your HTML page. See Flash banner not working in IE/chrome to get the code for your page.
Updated:2013-06-25 (problem fixed with Chrome 28.0.1500.52)

Issue:Flash crashes in Google Chrome [Fixed]
Target:Chrome 22.0.1229.94 (Windows 7) + Adobe Flash
Details:Flash randomly crashes when Nimbb tries to access the webcam through Chrome. This is a bug with Adobe Flash and Google Chrome happening on Windows 7.
Solution:We updated the Nimbb Player to versions 1.28.1 and 2.12.1 to display an error message. Use another browser if you have the issue until updates for Chrome and Flash are released.
Updated:2012-10-30 (problem fixed with Chrome 23)

Issue:"Developer demo mode" displayed on Nimbb Player on production site
Target:Firefox 10.0.2 (Windows) + Adobe Flash
Details:Flash doesn't send appropriate referrer information under Firefox, which causes our server to incorrectly authenticate your production site (see Bug 3117684).
Solution 1:We already released a fix to this problem. However, we are still waiting for Adobe to fully fix this. If you encounter a problem with your site, contact us.
Solution 2:If you still see the text on the player on your production site, go to your Developer settings and make sure that you only have your site's domain name defined (no directory or page name included). For example, if you have something like "", modify for "".
Updated: 2012-05-03 (added Solution 2)

Issue:Chrome displays "Missing Plug-in" instead of Nimbb
Target:Chrome 16.0.912.63 (Windows & Mac) + Adobe Flash
Details:This specific version of Chrome changes the way Adobe Flash plug-ins are loaded. If the Flash embed type is not specified, Chrome doesn't render the Flash application and instead displays the text "Missing Plug-in".
Solution:Make sure that your Flash <EMBED> tag include this parameter:

Issue:Can't click on Allow button inside Nimbb Player
Target:Mac + Firefox (solution 1) / Mac OS X Lion + any browser (solution 2 ou 3)
Details:When displaying the Adobe Flash Player's Settings window, clicking on the buttons doesn't do anything. This is an issue caused by Firefox (see Bug 552520) or Mac OS X Lion (see Bug 2942091).
Solution 1a:Update Firefox and Flash to latest versions. Known to work: Firefox 7.0.1 or higher, Adobe Flash or higher.
Solution 1b:Uninstall Flash completely from the computer and reinstall it. To uninstall, follow the steps for either Windows or Mac.
Solution 2:Go to the Website Privacy Settings panel. In the sites list, search for "" and choose "Always allow".
Solution 3:On Mac OS, follow these steps to always give access to Nimbb:
  • Applications -> System Preferences
  • Section "Other" -> Flash Player
  • Click "Camera and Mic" tab, then "Camera and Microphone Settings by Site..."
  • In the list, "" -> change for "Allow"
Updated: 2014-10-29 (added solution 1b)
2012-03-24 (bug 2918693 replaced by 2942091)
2011-12-21 (to include Mac OS X 10.7 - Lion)

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