At D2Soft Technologies Inc., we commit ourselves respecting the private life of the users in our products (software, Web sites or others). To this end, we laid down strict safety requirements on any information which is transmitted to us. No information will be transmitted or sold to a third person or company without the user's preliminary assent.

Data linked to the videos

No account is needed to create a video on the site. The author of each video is therefore anonymous. Only the IP address of the user is associated with the video. Each video is associated with a unique identifier that never expires. The videos have an expiration date after which files are deleted from the server.


By creating an account, the user can keep a history of his video recorded from or from another site (using the Nimbb API). No account information will be sold or transmitted by D2Soft without user consent. D2Soft reserves the right to send communication e-mails regarding its products. If the user specifies a telephone number, D2Soft reserves the right to call this person to verify the level of satisfaction of our service.


The user who created an account can access more services by subscribing. The subscription allows keeping the videos in that account all the time payments are made. D2Soft uses third-party service PayPal to manage subscriptions and payments.

Usage tracking

Nimbb Player
The Nimbb Player doesn't use any tracking information when recording or playing a video from or from another site (using the Nimbb API). We do not store any information on the user's computer with the Nimbb Player.
We use Google Analytics to track page views on our website (see their Privacy page). For a user that creates an account and ask to remember the password, we store a cookie on the computer to allow this feature. We can also use a cookie to track users coming from advertisements.

Nimbb iOS Application
We use Flurry Analytics to track events in our Nimbb iOS application (see their Privacy page).

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