By using our service, you accept the following terms.


The videos created on the site automatically belong to their creators. All videos that you record are privates and you need to share them yourself. You are solely responsible for your videos and the consequences of their posting or publication. D2Soft Technologies Inc. (D2Soft) can't be held responsible for any video recorded by an user.

A video created anonymously can't be linked to a creator and D2Soft will not proceed with requests on anonymous videos. Standard deletion procedure applies. We recommend creating an account to keep track of your videos.


All users of the site must behave properly. We like to maintain a friendly service. If you behave badly (inappropriate language, racial or violent comments, sexual or pornographic content, illegal content, etc.), we will destroy your video without notice.

Video deletion

Videos older than 30 days are deleted automatically unless you have an active subscription and that the videos are linked to your account. D2Soft reserves the right to remove any video that does not meet these terms.

Nimbb API

Developers can integrate the Nimbb Player in their Web site using our API. The Nimbb API can and will change regularly to add new features. Any major updates are always announced in our News section on our site and we ask developers to keep track of them. D2Soft holds all rights to our technology and developers must use it as intended by us. Any hacking or abusive attempts will result in your developer account being disabled.

Content through the API

Any inappropriate content (inappropriate language, racial or violent comments, sexual or pornographic content, illegal content, etc.), from you or from users through your Nimbb account, will result in your developer account being disabled and/or your Nimbb subscription cancelled without prior notice (no refund will be allowed). Developers are fully responsible for the video content recorded and played using our Nimbb technology.

Content Security

Each video is assigned a global unique identifier (GUID) and is private. You understand that by embedding a video on your site, this GUID is made public and you are therefore responsible for making the video public. For added security when embedding your videos, we recommend that you restrict video access.

Restricting video access

To create videos only accessible from your site, you need to create an account and enable private videos using the Nimbb API. In case of inappropriate video content, the account holder will be responsible.


A recurring subscription is required to access features of our Nimbb API. By subscribing, you accept that we bill you each month for the same amount until you decide to cancel your subscription (see Unsubscribe). We guarantee that your subscription price will never increase as long as you are subscribed. Subscription prices are subject to change on our Web site. D2Soft uses third-party service PayPal to manage subscriptions.


Payment must be paid in full (on a monthly or pre-payment basis) in advance by the subscriber. The Nimbb service is made available to the account only once a payment is completed and approved. Late or delayed payments will result in service interruption for the account until the payment is completed. Furthermore, if a payment delays for an extended period of time (passed 3 days), it can result in the automatic cancellation of the subscription. You take full responsibility to make sure that your payments are completed on time.


If you want to cancel your subscription, you must use this page. You can cancel at any time. When cancelling, you will be redirected to the PayPal website to complete the process. After cancelling, all videos linked to your Nimbb account will automatically be deleted and can't be restored by D2Soft.


As a subscriber, you are fully responsible to cancel your subscription when the Nimbb service is no longer required. No refund on paid subscriptions can be received.

Service updates

We do regular updates to our Nimbb service. We always make sure that they are transparents for our users.

Service Level Agreement

By using our service, you agree and accept the terms defined into our SLA.

Unintentional outages

You understand that Nimbb is an online service that can be affected by unintentional outages like dropped Internet connections, power outage or hardware failure. In case of failures, D2Soft will do everything in its power to fix them and we will always prioritize all our resources to correct the situation in a reasonable amount of time.

Unlimited Plan Restrictions

The Unlimited subscription plan is bound to the following rules and restrictions: 1) A maximum of 10,000 video recordings per month; 2) A normal usage that doesn't cause stress or excessive use of our service; 3) If an account exceeds 10,000 recordings in a month, D2Soft will contact the owner to define a Custom Pricing Agreement.

Custom Pricing Agreement

If you have a high monthly usage (more than 10,000 recordings per month), D2Soft will get in contact with you to define a Custom Pricing Agreement that will bound your usage with a pricing based on your project's needs.

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