Why choose Nimbb?


Reasons to choose Nimbb for your project

1) Turn-key all-inclusive service in the cloud

Nimbb offers the most extensive webcam recording service on the Internet that is ready to be used in your project. We host everything so that you don’t have to worry about how things work. All you need is to paste some HTML code in your pages and we take care of the rest.

2) Service monitored 24/7

We continually monitor our service to make sure that Nimbb is available at all time. We have automated tools that make sure that all systems are working properly. In case of any issue, our team is notified and verifies the service within minutes. We also make sure that our service works properly in all browsers on all OS supported by Adobe Flash.

3) Great customer service

We believe that taking care of our customers is the foundation of doing business. That’s why we strive ourselves in offering the best customer service experience. Our team answers all inquiries promptly and is there to help you successfully use Nimbb.

4) Fast integration in any project

We know that your time is precious. That’s why our focus is to make sure that you can add Nimbb to your site quickly. You can even do it in minutes without programming knowledge.

5) Solid and proven webcam technology

We introduced the Nimbb API in February 2009. For years, we have been developing and improving our service. We focus only and exclusively on webcam recording technology, meaning that our service is more reliable, more flexible and of greater quality than any competitor.

6) Multitudes of features

Nimbb includes many features and functionalities that will help you complete any project that requires webcam recording. No matter the size or specifications of your project, Nimbb can answer your requirements. We are continuously innovating our service to meet our customers' needs.

7) Customers around the world

Our technology powers hundreds of sites in more than 40 countries are that rely on our service. We are always supporting our customers in all time zones and offer the same great customer service to all.

8) Flexible pricing and packages

Every project is unique and for that reason we offer different subscription plans. If your project has specific requirements, contact us and we can work on a custom plan for your needs.

9) Monthly subscription

Nobody likes to be stuck with yearly contracts. That’s why with Nimbb you only pay on a monthly basis. You can cancel your subscription at any time, no long-term contract required.

10) Focus on your project

By choosing Nimbb, you choose to focus on your project instead of trying to build video technology. Invest your time in what really matters to you, and let us worry about the technical stuff.

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