Terms of Use

By using our service, you (the User) accept the following terms.

All content provided on this Site is owned by D2Soft Technologies Inc. (D2Soft) In addition, all content that is created by the User by using this Service is automatically owned by D2Soft. It is not allowed to use any of the Site's, Service's or App's content outside of it's normal use from within Nimbb's site.

Limited Rights
D2Soft offers the rights to the User to sharing screenshots, images or videos of the Site's, Service's or App's content for personal usage only, including sharing images and creating videos for social medias. For any non-personal usage, a written permission from D2Soft must be optained by the User.

All users of the site must behave properly. D2Soft likes to maintain a friendly service. If a User behave badly (inappropriate language, racial or violent comments, sexual or pornographic content, illegal content, etc.), access to the Site can be revoked without notice or refund.

This Site is designed for parents of young kids and our Apps are designed for kids of age 3 and up.

Personal Data
This Service requests personal information and data, such as Name, Birth Date and Profile Photos, to be able to provide a personalized and enjoyable experience. This data is used only within our Site, Service and Apps. D2Soft doesn't share personal data except if allowed by User.

Shared Data
As part of this Site, some data can be made public. The User can opt-out of sharing its data.

Account Security
For the security of the User, it is never allowed to share an Account (or Profile) with another User. Each User needs a paid Subscription in order to use our Service. The User must keep its password private at all time.

The User must subscribe to our Service in order to use our Site, Service and Apps. A recurring subscription is required. By subscribing, the User accepts that D2Soft bill the User each month for the same amount until the User decide to cancel its subscription (see Unsubscribe). D2Soft guarantees that the User's subscription price will not increase as long as the User is subscribed and completes the payments on time. Subscription prices are subject to change. D2Soft uses third-party service PayPal to manage subscriptions.

Payment must be paid in full (on a monthly or yearly basis) in advance by the subscriber. The Nimbb Service is made available to the Account only once a payment is completed and approved. Late or delayed payments will result in service interruption for the Account until the payment is completed. Furthermore, if a payment delays for an extended period of time (passed 3 days), it can result in the automatic cancellation of the subscription. The User takes full responsibility to make sure that its payments are completed on time and keep a valid credit card information on file.

If the User wants to cancel its subscription, the User must visit PayPal's site. The User can cancel at any time. After cancelling, the User will still have access to its Account until any paid time-period is still valid, after which it will not be able to access the Service or Apps.

As a Subscriber, the User is fully responsible to cancel its subscription when the Nimbb Service is no longer required. No refund on paid subscriptions can be received.

Service Updates
D2Soft does regular updates to its Service. D2Soft always make sure that they are transparents for its users, as much as possible.

Unintentional Outages
The User understands that Nimbb is an online service that can be affected by unintentional outages like dropped Internet connections, power outage or hardware failure. In case of failures, D2Soft will do everything in its power to fix them and will always prioritize all our resources to correct the situation in a reasonable amount of time. Note however that D2Soft cannot be held responsible for any problem or lack of access resulting by such outages. No credit and no extended service is allowed.

Terms Update
These terms can and will be updated from time to time. Please refer back to them when needed. In case of a missing information, these terms will be updated to reflect the most recent offerings by D2Soft.