Added two new case studies, Upcoming pricing changes


You might have noticed that we updated our main page with a welcome video, examples of case studies and customers. We added two new case studies, the Nimbb Gadget for Xobni and 29 of Fame. Make sure to have a look at them to see how Nimbb can be integrated in Web projects.

Also, we recently updated our Video/Move function for Amazon S3. We now specify the uploaded file content-type as "video/x-flv".

On August 8th, there will be a pricing increase in most of our packages. Nimbb has been maturing from a beta product in April 2009 to a fully featured service today. We pride ourselves of offering the best video recording API on the market.

If you are evaluating Nimbb for your website and think of purchasing a subscription in the upcoming weeks, we would advise that you do it before August 8th to have a better pricing. Select the Monthly Subscription, allowing you to keep the price as long as you are subscribed.

If you are currently a Nimbb subscriber and have the monthly recurring subscription, note that your subscription price will not change. We appreciate doing business with all our loyal customers and for that reason we offer the service for the price that you paid when signing up with us.

Thank you for your interest in Nimbb!

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