Introducing Nimbb Player 2.0: High-Quality video recording (supports HD webcams)


We are excited to introduce a new version of our Nimbb Player that supports higher video recording resolutions! If you have a HD webcam, you will even enjoy using a widescreen size.

Starting today, our Platinum and Corporate subscribers are able to access the Nimbb Player 2.0, allowing new recording sizes of 640x480 (4:3) and 640x360 (16:9 widescreen). This new version of the player requires Adobe Flash 11.1.0 and up.

Nimbb Player 2 offers the exact same features as Nimbb Player 1, with the added bonus of supporting different recording resolutions. We will continue to develop both versions of our players in parallel, adding the same features to each. To make sure that you can still use Nimbb with the largest number of users, Nimbb Player 1 will continue to support Adobe Flash 9 and latest versions. Take note that Nimbb Player 1 can play videos recorded in any size.

So how do you enjoy the new recording formats? Easy! Simply change your code to point to Nimbb2.swf instead of Nimbb.swf. Then, use the new "format" parameter. For example, "format=640x360" will set Nimbb in a widescreen format. Make sure that you change the width and height values of the player in your code to match the format. Finally, simply add your site URL into your Developer settings to activate the format.

The new recording resolutions of the Nimbb Player 2 bring a whole new level of video quality to your project. Make sure to upgrade your subscription to the Platinum or Corporate plan to enjoy the new player! Take note that there will be a price increase in two weeks for those plans, so subscribe today to get the best price.

Finally, give the Nimbb Player 2 a try: record a High-Quality video now!

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