Introducing new Unlimited subscription


Your project requires tons of video recordings each month? Or you are planning a big project and your budget must be all-included no matter what happens once in production? We listened to our customers and we now offer the Unlimited subscription plan!

The new Unlimited plan includes EVERYTHING that you need: all features (including high-quality videos), unlimited sites and unlimited video recordings! That’s right: no need to buy any video pack or spend one more dollar than the monthly subscription price. With this new plan, you can safely prepare your budget for your client’s next big project.

Also, if you are working with multiple clients, this new plan allows you to add more sites without needing to spend more. This means you can create more projects that use Nimbb for the same price.

Take note that prices for Platinum and Corporate subscriptions have increased today. We also increased the number of recordings included each month for each plan: now 1,500 videos for Platinum (750 increase) and 5,000 for Corporate (3,000 increase). Of course, current monthly subscribers keep their previous pricing.

Finally, the Personal subscription plan has been removed from our Pricing page, but you can still access it here. As a reminder, the Personal plan doesn’t allow you to use Nimbb on your site, you need at least a Bronze subscription.

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