Scripting Nimbb Player with SSL (fix)


We released versions 1.26.3 and 2.1.3 of the Nimbb Player. These releases include update to better handle cross-scripting on HTTPS/HTTP pages when using Nimbb with SSL. In some cases, an exception was raised with error message "Uncaught exception: Error in Actionscript. Use a try/catch block to find error". This could then cause the JavaScript code in the page to fail to complete. We fixed the issue and you can now use Nimbb from a mix of HTTP and HTTPS pages.

Additionally, if you are sharing Nimbb videos on Facebook (see tutorial Publish a video for playback on Facebook) and that you are using the player from the HTTPS location, make sure to add the URL "" into your Developer settings. The reason is that Facebook’s HTTPS caching location is not the same from the HTTP caching location ("").

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