Celebrating 4 years: increasing monthly recordings for all plans


We are proud to announce that the Nimbb API has now been open to businesses for 4 years! Developers and companies around the world rely on our webcam video recording framework each day.

To celebrate and to thank all our customers for trusting our service, we are doing a major upgrade to all our subscription plans to offer a lot more video recording each month. During all those years, we have worked hard to provide the most stable, reliable and easy-to-use webcam API on the market. We feel confident that we can offer a lot more to our customers; so here are the new numbers of allowed recordings per month:

Bronze: 1,000 videos (before: 100 videos)
Silver: 5,000 videos (before: 250 videos)
Gold: 10,000 videos (before: 500 videos)
Platinum: 25,000 videos (before: 1,500 videos)
Corporate: 50,000 videos (before: 5,000 videos)

This new offering now allows our customers to have more liberty while using our service without worrying of running out of videos. Now, ask your developers to build great project using the Nimbb API!

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