Bug fix, Known Issues and Terms of Use Updates


We have fixed an issue that would cause few videos to be saved with an improper status, although developers could still get their GUIDs. This would in turn make the videos unavailable for playback. This bug was mainly affecting users with slow communication latency to our servers.

We also updated the email notifications so that accounts running low on videos will now get 9 alerts instead of 4. These new messages will be sent earlier to give more time to the owner to purchase additional video packs.

The Known Issues have been updated to include information on how to solve crash of the Nimbb Player and Flash.

The Terms of Use have been updated to include rules and restrictions to the Unlimited plan.

Finally, we have added support of these new resolutions in the Live/Upload function: 300x400, 356x640, 360x492, 400x300, 492x360, 638x1148, 640x356, 640x980, 980x640, 1148x638.

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