PR: D2Soft Technologies Teams Up with to Bring Video Blogging to AppStore


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Video blogging is now possible for tens of millions of users with a new application built using Nimbb technology.

Montreal, Canada January 25, 2010 -- D2Soft Technologies Inc. announces the release of a new application in the AppStore that brings video blogging to the platform.

The Video Blog application, accessible to Webs’ members at the address (login required), allows site owners and their members to record video posts and share them instantly on their site. Videos are recorded directly in the browser using a webcam.

The application uses Nimbb ( to record and playback videos in real-time. Nimbb is a technology that brings video recording to any site. By using the Nimbb API, developers can integrate video recording to their Web projects.

"Thanks to Nimbb, we could build a working prototype on the Webs Application Platform in only a few hours." says Benjamin Berube, D2Soft Technologies president. "The guys at Webs were amazed at just how fast we built this application."

By using both the Webs Platform and the Nimbb API, the Video Blog application is now available for addition to tens of millions of sites created on The application lets site owners add a video blog, but also leverages Webs’ social publishing capabilities to enable the members on a site to publish their own entries as well, creating a shared community video blog. Some of the premium features available in the application include unlimited video recording, longer per video recording times.

This application is the first application D2Soft Technologies has built on the Webs platform. Benjamin Berube describes the experience of working with Webs. "From the start, the great team at Webs has been very interested in our technology. They made it possible to be one of the first companies to work with their application platform. It’s been an excellent experience." is a website creation and hosting platform that lets users make fully functioning sites. Webs is home to over 40 million sites and reaches over 30 million unique visitors around the world each month.

D2Soft Technologies is a privately owned Canadian company located in Montreal. The company also develops other products related to the Web 2.0 market. Nimbb is their latest technology available to developers and third-party sites.


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