Nimbb moving out of Beta soon, added Customers page


We have been developing and improving Nimbb for two years. Since April 2009, our Nimbb API has been used by customers around the world. We have been able to provide them with the best webcam video recording technology for their websites. Since then, we have been offering our service with the Beta tag.

Now, Nimbb is a full featured service for your Web projects. We have decided that it's time to remove the Beta from our site. This will be done in the upcoming days. Note there will be some changes to the pricing of the Nimbb subscriptions. If you are currently looking to subscribe, you will get a better price if you subscribe today.

Also, we added a new Customers page to our site. These are some of our customers using the Nimbb API on their websites. If you would like to see your company listed, contact us.

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